Win a Brand New LG G4 International Giveaway


win a Brand New LG G4 International Giveaway

win a Brand New LG G4 International Giveaway

official information if the giveaway

Contest to win a brand, new LG G4!

We have partnered up with LG to giveaway a brand, new LG G4!

To enter the contest:

1. Subscribe to our YouTube channel

2. Subscribe to our contest by filling our your name and e-mail below. You will also be signed up for our weekly newsletter. (Make sure you confirm the verification e-mail, otherwise you will not be entered into the contest!)

3. You can increase your chances to win by referring your friends and family through e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter.

Points you can earn:

- 5 points for entering the contest / subscribing to our YouTube channel.

- Bonus 5 points for sharing with 3 of your friends via e-mail. (No verification needed, get points just for sharing)

- 2 point for each successful referral (users must enter the contest and verify their e-mail), you can share your referral link through your social networks like Twitter, Facebook, etc ...

Having more points will increase your chances of winning, good luck!

* Note - You must be 18 years or older to enter contest, this contest is open to US and all international countries except North Korea.

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