The SwiftCam M3 Giveaway


The SwiftCam M3 Giveaway

The SwiftCam M3 Giveaway

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The SwiftCam M3 is undoubtedly one of the most impressive accessories that exists in smartphone realm, and simply wielding the stabilizer is enough to give you directorial delusions of Hollywood grandeur. The resulting video is smooth, and enough practice with the SwiftCam should yield consistent results.

There are caveats to be aware of, such as the erratic movement that occurs as a result of nudging the device in use. Charging will always be a bit of a hassle, and those metal elements will scratch in time. The biggest issue you'll have to overcome is limited access to your device's ports in use, and that depends on what you'll be using your stabilizer for.

Buy it if you want smooth, stable video and can live without access to your device's ports while shooting.

The devices in our pockets already shoot in glorious high definition, but what if you could capture perfectly smooth handheld smartphone video too? That's exactly what the SwiftCam M3 is designed to do.

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