iPod Touch 6G Giveaway

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iPod Touch 6G Giveaway

iPod Touch 6G Giveaway

Who is the iPod Touch 6G For?
And so we come to the biggest problem with the iPod Touch — just who is going to buy one? If you own an iPhone (or any smartphone for that matter) there seems to be little sense in spending more money on another device that lacks features you already have.

Children are an obvious choice. The iPod Touch provides parents with an opportunity to keep young ones entertained without providing unmitigated access to the Internet. It’s also easy to restrict certain iOS features, and link accounts together under Apple’s Family Sharing scheme.

Maybe you travel a lot and need a dedicated entertainment device to keep you occupied on long car journeys or flights. An iPod Touch would take the strain off your smartphone’s battery, but it’s something else to carry. Looking for a new point and shoot camera? The iPod Touch takes great photos, if you can live without optical zoom or removable storage.

Perhaps you’re a curious Android user who wants to dip your toes into the Apple ecosystem without jumping ship entirely. While the iPod Touch is a part of the iOS ecosystem, you’re still missing out on a large part of the core iPhone experience that “makes” iOS for many users.

Maybe you’re just sick of relying on your smartphone for your media consumption needs and want a capable, dedicated media player that can also keep your children entertained.

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