Polar V650 and V800 Fitness Trackers Giveaway

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Polar V650 and V800 Fitness Trackers Giveaway

Polar V650 and V800 Fitness Trackers Giveaway

Polar V800 Hardware and Design

The Polar V800 ranks as one of the most solidly designed wearables to ever touch my wrist. It includes articulated, metal joints. The silicone rubber wriststrap, which contacts the skin, and an LCD screen with fantastic daylight readability. The internal guts of the V800 offer similar specifications as other high-end fitness wearables.

V800 Hardware Specifications and Peripherals

System-on-a-chip: STMicroelectronics STM32F437
Screen: Black and white LCD screen with Gorilla Glass 3
Peripherals: H7 Heart Rate Sensor and chest strap, proprietary USB clamp charger
Other: Integrated speaker
Polar V800 GPS Sports Watch w/ Activity Tracker & Heart Rate Monitor
Heart rate and GPS-enabled multisport training device for triathletes, runners and endurance athletes
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Like most dedicated wearables, the V800 relies on a Cortex M4 processor, and also includes the standard biometric sensor support and ultra-low power operation. Cortex M4 processors hail from ARM Holdings, the world’s largest (in raw numbers) processor maker. Among the various ARM-based processors and systems-on-a-chip out there, the STMicroelectronics module offers very low power consumption and a solid suite of sensors. The module also includes Bluetooth Smart (why Bluetooth is sexy) support, which all wearables must possess. For perspective, at maximum consumption the STM32F437 system-on-a-chip consumes around 320 micro-amps. A smartphone consumes almost 3 times more power.

The six-axis sensor package, including GPS, contained within the V800 offer users the ability to determine speed and distance with great accuracy. A six-axis sensor suite normally includes a paired cluster of a three-axis accelerometer and a three-axis gyroscope. This sensor cluster doesn’t offer the same navigational features of 9-axis sensors inside of the average smartphone, but for use as a wearable it’s more than adequate. The presence of a magnetometer would also serve to add a compass, which perhaps isn’t within the scope of a the V800 and its tiny LCD screen.

Like its older kin from Polar, the V800 melds bare-bones functionality with rock-solid build quality. It also includes a daylight readable black-and-white LCD screen – similar to that used in the Basis Peak and Pebble (and most other old-school wearables). While minimalist, the choice in screen technology offers low drain and high daylight visibility. Polar also includes an anachronistic internal speaker, which produces a alert beep similar in pitch and treble to Casio watches from the 1980s. Overall, Polar put together tight wearables package, suitable for hardcore fitness-wearables users.

Distributed along the left and right sides of the V800 rest five metal buttons, with tactile, crosshatched texturing. On the left, Polar places Back and Light buttons. The Back button – as the name implies– moves the users onto the previous menu. It also doubles as a means of cancelling a exercise by holding it down for three seconds. Above the Back button, is a manual switch for the LCD backlight. There’s not much to say about the light, other than that it offers good lighting characteristics, although it doesn’t serve to reduce to the amount of glare on the glass covering the screen. It’s good enough, though, for low-light conditions.

On the right-side of the watch, there’s an Up, Down, and Start button. These function as the navigational tools through the V800’s menus and submenus. The Start button allows users to begin a particular exercise (of which many exist). The Up and Down buttons allow users to scroll through each menu. Unlike other smartwatches, the screen doesn’t include capacitance, which helps in all-weather situations – water can accidently trigger capacitive screens, causing all kinds of havoc.

The Polar H7 Smart Heart Rate Sensor (which users can purchase separately) pairs with either device. With the addition of the Polar Beat app, which is available on both Android and iOS, users can pair the sensor with most mobile devices. Optionally, and not shown in this review, Polar also includes a variety of other wearable Bluetooth connected sensors, which include a cycle sensor, a foot sensor – and more.

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