because i live in underdevelopment city . i was always chasing giveaways =D  . but i didn't get the chance to win any of electronic stuff . i won only books . after entering a lot of giveaways . i get this idea on way i start blog about giveaways . because there was a lot of people entering this giveaways
and this is how i came with this i idea


I'm the founder of Free Big Stuff . and also the founder of Gag 2016 too [Founded in 2015] .

The TWO blogs are hosting and listing giveaways sites . except religious or sexual stuff . if you have any giveaway you can submit it here :

visitors of this websiteS are mostly from US . and the age of the visitors between 15 - 50 . i guess =D

for cash giveaway amazon . paypal  HERE  : TWITTER
for gag2016 video games keys and codes  HERE : FACEBOOK PAGE

No Fake Giveaways only The Best


.before getting started i want you to know guys about some people use you when they share a giveaway . by using there links
to Get extra entries for anyone that enters via this link . but i'm not doing that . all we want to win
and for me i share with you the link of the official page .

Just to be totally transparent you should know that some of the links on my site ARE affiliate links and I DO make a small commission from any sales that are .

Also i want you to know guys that i'm just sharing . i'm not the owner of these giveaways .

gag2016 and Freebigstuf not responsible of any bad use of this stuff if you win

yfou can contact me here

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